The Center for Energy and Environmental Security (CEES) at the University of Colorado is a problem solving think and act group, engaged in developing just and practical strategies and solutions for the Other Third. Predicated upon principles of energy justice,  we focus on simple and inexpensive, yet largely ignored, technologies that already exist to deliver some of the clean and sustainable energy needed by the world’s energy poor.

For example:

  • Household indoor air pollution created by burning biomass can be reduced with affordable clean fuel technology solutions or clean combustion technologies such as cookstoves.
  • Illumination provided by kerosene can be replaced by photovoltaic lights and decentralized mini grids based on solar, wind, and biomass-generated electricity.

Not only do such  solutions promote increased health and economic development, but many of them also contribute to addressing the issue of climate change. We call these solutions “Appropriate Sustainable Energy Technologies” (ASETs).

CEES interacts and works collaboratively with the President’s Leadership Class  (PLC)  at the University of Colorado. The PLC is a unique program, developed within an interdisciplinary, experiential environment. Admission to the PLC is considered one of the highest honors awarded to students at the University of Colorado Boulder.